Multiple API support? (Wishlist)

Multiple API support? // Wishlist

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Dec 8, 2000, 12:26pm
From what I understand that RenderWare 3 has support for OpenGL, Direct3D,
and Glide. I've seen posts where people say they want to switch totally to
OpenGL (or another API), but what about an option? A lot like games with
multiple multiple APIs function the same way. Unreal, for instance, has
support for 3dfx Glide, Microsoft Direct3D, OpenGL, and some others.



Dec 8, 2000, 4:06pm
Roland has mentioned at Tech Talk that he would like to add OGL support. I think it would probably work best as an option, yes. This would also allow AW to run on those computers without DX7 (or whatever is needed to run 3.0-up)


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Jan 8, 2001, 2:49pm
I'm relatively certain the intention is to add OpenGL support as an
option... I don't think there was ever any consideration of changing to
OpenGL and removing Direct3D. At least, there shouldn't be... that would be
totally absurd. Aside from increasing the number of well-supported cards,
OpenGL should (assuming it's implemented correctly) provide a significant
boost in performance on most 3D cards (I'm not just talking a few FPS... if
used correctly, the differences between OpenGL and D3D can be quite

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