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Jan 10, 2000, 1:17am
Just a reminder that Magsbot 1.0b is available at

Besides the usual features such as chat, surveying, building, etc.,
Magsbot also features a powerful programming language (sort of a "bot
basic") that allows you to change bot behavior on-the-fly, without
reloading any scripts. You can define your own buttons, and control
complex behavior using a "behavior table". The control language
includes commands for speaking, moving, teleporting, gesturing,
creating objects, selective surveying, ejecting, and much more.
Behaviors can be triggered by many different events and complex
conditions that you specify.

I've added many features (and fixed many bugs!) since I first posted
here a few months ago, so even if you looked at MB before, you might
want to take another look. And let me know what you think! :)


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