Worldservers needs proxy support (Wishlist)

Worldservers needs proxy support // Wishlist

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Oct 27, 2000, 8:31pm
I'm not sure if all proxies work with the worldserver but the good one that
comes with Win98SE/ME (Internet Connection Sharing, referred to as ICS) does
not work. You should see if you can make it work so if I ever do host like I
might want without paying for the hosting would be great. It shows the world
correctly on the list but only allows the person with the same ip in, which
is only the owner. But why won't it let the others in when using


Oct 27, 2000, 9:29pm
Check the Worldbuilders newsgroup.


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Oct 27, 2000, 10:02pm
Oh, gee! THANKS! LOL....alot I know what port to open in the
ICS utility to make file transfer work too. tehehehe....helped way too much
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