Climbing Technology? (Wishlist)

Climbing Technology? // Wishlist

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Oct 12, 2000, 11:44pm
There should be more physics for moving around in AW (if possible, lol). For
example, you should be able to climb like ladders, etc. :-)


Yes, you can use bump warps to pretend you're climbing but uhh, could be
better than that. lol

john viper

Oct 13, 2000, 9:51pm
Actually what gets annoying to me is how you stop if you barely touch a wall... It would be nice if
you know if you were at an angle to the wall like this:
/ |
/ |
/ |
y w
o a
u l
it would just kinda rub against it like in Quake or Wolf3d but if you were going straight at teh
you would actualy stop.

John Viper

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