Required in AW 3.0 (If it's not too late...) (Wishlist)

Required in AW 3.0 (If it's not too late...) // Wishlist

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Apr 3, 2000, 10:18pm
Configuration. AW needs more options. For example, people should have the
option whether animations are masked or unmasked by default. Also, it would
be fun to have a customizable keymap so 3d shooter fans can make their
controls W, A, S, D, whatever. I don't know if this is planned or has been
brought up before...

wizard myrlin

Apr 3, 2000, 10:21pm

"The new stuff in 3.0 looks great, but it doesn't have something I want. Can
I request a new feature for 3.0?

We know it is soooo tempting to request new features whenever a new beta
comes out, because all that new stuff gets people thinking about even more
new stuff that could be done. However, every new feature takes time to
design, implement, and test (even those "easy" ones!) and ultimately delays
the release of the final product, so in the interests of getting 3.0 out to
everyone as soon as possible we are not adding any more new features. So
instead of asking for that great new feature now, save that awesome idea for
later, when 3.0 is done and released and we are deciding what to put in the
next version!"

-Wizard Myrlin
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Apr 3, 2000, 10:45pm
I guess that makes the wishlist useless untill we hear about a new version?
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Apr 4, 2000, 10:27am
This newsgroup is VERY useless, considering AWCI doesn't even read it anymore... But at least some of the stuff on my AW improvements list at are implemented in AW3...

[View Quote] > I guess that makes the wishlist useless untill we hear about a new version?
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henry todd

Apr 6, 2000, 1:26am
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Though most likely only due to the fact that a number of them are common
sense issues (not that AWCI actually HAS much common sense, but that's
another issue entirely), and not them actually reading it....
Hey, look at it this way. At this rate we'll get multiple dynamic colored
light sources, just like those first introduced in Quake2, in AW4.0 about 6
years from now. At least it's not software rendering now I guess. =P

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Apr 6, 2000, 9:41am
The problem is, AWCI hasn't made most of the changes, but Criterion. Criterion is to blame for letting RenderWare (RW) lag behind other 3D (game) engines. Hopefully Criterion won't let RW fall behind again, but somehow I doubt it considering its use in the Playstation 2, which if is any indication of the original Playstation, will be obsolete by the time it comes out in the US.

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john viper

Apr 6, 2000, 9:35pm
With the new "freelook" mode, that would be especially cool and useful even
if you are not a 3-D shooter fan.

While I am on the note of freelook I just thought I would mention something
cool, my friend Cybernome has an $800 3-D headset system which monitors head
movement, he said he configured it for freelook mode. I gotta get me one of

John Viper
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Apr 12, 2000, 9:30pm
that would be awesome ive seen some head cepts at a bit lower price. have
even considered makeing a simple telemtry head set unit a telemtry suit for
those who dont know is a meens to control movement of a in the case of aw
avatar (used alot in animatronics). unit could be simply made from joy stick
parts. just use rod to push the levers all youd need is a joy stick to mouse
driver that can be found in fairly in exspencive joy sticks (29 to 69
dolors) that would move the mouse cursor. and theres a realy cheap visor out
isnt 3d is basicly a mini high res lcd screen cost about 150 bucks.
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