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Mar 28, 2000, 9:03pm
Somethign I have always wanted was to be able to rotate an object so as
to make a panle be flat. This would also limit the space that we world
owners have on our object servers, because we would not need seperate
panles and walks. Plus, most walks do not have textures on bottoms, and
you could make flat signs, I think this would be a hadny addition.


Mar 31, 2000, 1:38pm
The problem with this, is . . . It would require much more storage space
on the Server Side, and . . . The Z-Buffering would kick in and be
horrendous!!! For those of you who are 3D Challenged, Z-Buffering is the
buffering of Z Coordinates in a 3D environment, usually done to place
objects that intersect in the correct place relative to eachother.

And we all know that newbies would figure out a way to overlap every
single piece in their building using Vertical Rotations . . . Then be so
proud that they built a span of road that is viewable at > 1 fps.

Best Regards,
Andon M. Coleman

Senior Programmer

Nothing, Inc.

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