Any idea about these features? (Wishlist)

Any idea about these features? // Wishlist

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Feb 29, 2000, 4:24am
Id like to see some diff stuff. I havent really read the docs yet tho so
this may be in the works
What about.....

1. More advanced download queues/priorities (incl. background DLing of
common models when idle)
2. SHADOWING - This'll be done by DX Im sure
3. Models with moving parts
4. Group clone/move/altering (You cant alter most object data as a group
w/out a bot)
5. Other things ;)


Mar 2, 2000, 2:55am
I belive 3.0 will support multiple object copies and you can already
move groups but not copy or change the action or description. AW 3.0
will support these as well as other building features such as mouse
"drag and drop" building - view the help file at


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