Embeded Commands ... Such as those in IRC ... /Nick etc... (Wishlist)

Embeded Commands ... Such as those in IRC ... /Nick etc... // Wishlist

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andon coleman

Jan 30, 1999, 9:13pm
I'd like to see the current commands such as : Mute, Eject, Add to Contact
list, etc... Made so that you could type them from the chat input field...
Similar to IRC, perhaps even go as far as to allow the /nick command...

I believe one could use / --- Text Here --- to designate that they're not
trying to say something, rather that they are typing a command. After all,
how often do you start a sentence with : "/" ?

P.S. I'm posting this to BETA also, because I feel it's SOOOO easy to add,
that it'd only take maybe an hour to two at the VERY MAX to code it in...


peter annema

Jan 31, 1999, 3:06am
And then comes writing the documentation :-)

Not to mention adding error detection code for all the silly little
things people can do :-)

Nope, I think it's a cool idea, but something for the 2.2[0] release :-)


[0] Did anyone notice that the AWB version and build numbers are close
to that of the Linux kernel?

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