top 16 needed improvements (Duma's pipedream ;> ) (Wishlist)

top 16 needed improvements (Duma's pipedream ;> ) // Wishlist

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chris barney

Nov 4, 1998, 3:15pm
Some of these are just pipe dreams, but hey!

1. Fog (even cheep VRML like fog)... it could corraspond to visability
so insted of vanishing objects they dissapeared into the fog. It
woulden't be right in every world but it would work better than the
transperant hills in Oct31.

2. Real reflections. (it would slow down the fr etc, I know but I still
want it ;) )

3. Lighting sources (w/ color, type, intensity, etc.)

4. Quakelike mouselook.

5. Option to make avitars behind objects not visible.

6. 3dfx support

7. Object scripting controled by VRT colck. (w/ interpolation like
VRML) Thinl of the moving suns, buildings opening and closing depending
on the time of the day, (combined with fog for) visibility changes
during day/night, (combined with light sources for) flickering torches,
day and night. etc, etc, etc!!!!!

8. Shadows, ok even QIII isn't going to do it so I don't really expect
it but I still want it:)

9. Darkness below ground level (combined with lightsources/teleports
for) torchlit hallways and caves.

10. Object clipping,

11. Better chat facilitys ie channels, ajustable range of "hearing"
(blocked by walls etc.)

12. Streaming Audio...(it would be nice for those of us with high
bandwidth) Think rt audio chat, and heaven forbid non MIDI
soundtracks!! :)

13. Sound controles, range of hearing, volume, blockable by objects...
(another big one I guess :) )

14. World catagories, fantisy, chat, realistic, buisness, puzzle

15. boolian scripting comands if, or, and (see example in 16)

16. Takeable objects, that is objects that any user can move, take with
them, within the world, etc. This might necessitate an invintory. It
would alow for more complex puzzles (ie. combined with a few new action
comands: if iron key is in inventory action solid off, visible off; )


Nov 13, 1998, 3:29am
some of your wish list can be solved with the sdk

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