Here's a great Idea for a wish (Wishlist)

Here's a great Idea for a wish // Wishlist

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Nov 3, 1998, 4:32pm
Hello all, The Cybernome here with (at least I believe so...) a great
Idea. And I think it can be done now. Using a bot for interactivity with
other users instead of using it as a seperate entity.
Now for those of you who dont get what I mean by's an
example... Wouldnt it be great is you could use a sort of control
applet...for using virtual money, or transfering it between users using the
bot as a creditcard interface (instead of a bot using an Av of say would be invisible but the usage of the bot would be with you
where ever you go). So you could say, pay a builder on the spot for helping
you with a place you want to make. Just get your "credit bot" to interact
with the contractors bot to transfer the credit . Like having a virtual
wallet & ATM machine all in one. Or...if your could have your
"control interface" ( the bot) in place of you...telling folks that you just
ran to go pee or get a sandwhich. It could even work as an answering machine
of sorts...having it programmed to TAKE A MESSAGE...From: Me :) ....then it
would forward you an email or something to let you know later. I'm am
currently working on this..a bot that acts as an AW interface. To make a Bot
Appear as you so that you could control things around you also allowing
other to see what happening..instead of the "you only see it happen" deals
existing now. Bots can control objects and run script...Why not have it your
main control. You could even do voice generation that way...Typing to the
bot...then the bot generating what you just said...but as you ...not the
Alot of the things on the wishlist could possibly be done in this manner.
I am also using this same bot for gaming...keeping control of player stats,
encounters and database stuff..while playing. For this game I got running
called Shadowrun...I'm using this "technology" to track players...and to
update a website this information goes to in real time. So players can goto
the site as see immediatly what others are doing or to just pull up there
bot to see their own progress.
Give me some feedback on this..cuz I really think it could work...Let me
know your cybernome at

Also ..interesting in role playing....The Shadowrun 3D game is in beta
testing right now..and the site is still under construction...but feel free
to check it and even bookmark for later updates on what going on.

Want to see whats going on so far with the game...Come to Cyberville in
Metatropolis... at COFmeta 61n 301e

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