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Sep 25, 1998, 1:16am
One thing that I have learned is that making objects true to scale makes
them look smaller. I have always tried to make objects that are true to
scale and only used larger than scale objects for effect, such as the huge
inner room of my sky castle, the 20 by 20 meters chandelier, and the 10 by
10 meter pillars framing the exterior are enormous by even AW standards.
Things that I usually try to make to scale are chairs and other furniture
that looks cartoonish when you see an avatar standing next to one that
comes up to his waist when they are done out of scale. If true to scale
objects look small in the perspective of an avatar eye view then think how
much smaller a pint sized chair would look. Unless you can change the
perspective, you will wind up making a doll house, in my opinion.

grover <steve at> wrote in article
<360AB014.6B175761 at>...
> Yes, but for most experienced builders, it's not too difficult to stay
under 1000 bytes, so
> keeping it under 4000 for 4x the area shouldn't be a problem. What might
be more difficult is
> navigating skinnier walkways. The walking/running speed will stay the
same, which would make it
> seem like you're running twice as fast. But on the plus side, you could
now make objects up to
> "20m" in size without any problems :-)
> grover
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