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Re: Building Restiction Box needed // Wishlist

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tyrell - alpha prime

Sep 25, 1998, 12:36am
One could also get around this by creating 'moving sidewalks'... At the threshold of any walk (or
road for that matter) you could place 'warps' that would take one to the next 'intersection'. It's
assuming if one starts down the walk to the front door of a house that one (likely) wishes to go
thru' the door... The warp (moving sidewalk) could push one thru' the door and you'd end up inside
the house... (by holding 'shift' you'd 'miss' the next-in-line walk panel and stop before the door
if you infact didn't wish to enter the house...). I don't see the fact that you move faster
(relative to your surrounding) a problem that couldn't be overcome...

An example of this in use is at:

The down side of this Site is the frame rate of the area... If one hasn't already caches the area,
you tend to over-run the cache and come to a grinding stop until the cache catches up (then you have
to manually move forward til you bump the next panel)... BUT if one has this area cached already (as
I obviously do... it's mine) then just a quick bump and I get taken to the next intersection. I can
just sit back and lite up my pipe while I move along the 'AutoPed'...

Now for the 'wish'... It would be nice if we had a command (much like the way we now play/turn off
..wav and .mid files). You'd place a command in a road piece (or anywhere one wished) with the start
and end coords'... You then move in a straight line (facing the direction of travel) till you get
there... at which point the command is repeated (or not)... With some fine tuning one could travel
quite a ways along some of the road (walk) systems we now have in Alpha Prime... (by placing this
command at the average limit of ones caching one would slow down (stop) til the cache has caught up,
then when the piece with the closet command appears one would resume their 'walk' along the road...

Where there's a will there's a way... :-)

[View Quote] > Yes, but for most experienced builders, it's not too difficult to stay under 1000 bytes, so
> keeping it under 4000 for 4x the area shouldn't be a problem. What might be more difficult is
> navigating skinnier walkways. The walking/running speed will stay the same, which would make it
> seem like you're running twice as fast. But on the plus side, you could now make objects up to
> "20m" in size without any problems :-)
> grover
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