Re: Building Restiction Box needed (Wishlist)

Re: Building Restiction Box needed // Wishlist

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Sep 24, 1998, 6:48pm
Yes, but for most experienced builders, it's not too difficult to stay under 1000 bytes, so
keeping it under 4000 for 4x the area shouldn't be a problem. What might be more difficult is
navigating skinnier walkways. The walking/running speed will stay the same, which would make it
seem like you're running twice as fast. But on the plus side, you could now make objects up to
"20m" in size without any problems :-)


[View Quote] > If, due to size, one is able to "fit" more objects into any given area
> wouldn't the data limit for the cell also fill sooner?
> Just because a 10x10 floor.rwx is now a 5x5 floor.rwx does not now mean
> that the data space it occupies is also halved.
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