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Re: Building Restiction Box needed // Wishlist

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tyrell - alpha prime

Sep 24, 1998, 3:10am
Ya, I'v done 'the bird' a few times but I'd be more interested in basically doubling
(increasing) ones World by reducing ones 'view point' and then building with this view point
in mind... example... we'r now 5 1/2 feet (?) above ground level... (and for those (you know
who you are) that wish to correct me with the exact height... this is just an example... I
don't really care how 'tall' we are etc)... and lets say a room is 10x10x20... If we switched
our view point to 3 feet that same room 'could' be split into 2 room/two floors, could it
not... If one could pack twice as much into the same space then one is infact doubling ones
World without increasing it via upgrade... If there's no problem with Renderware displaying
smaller objects etc then why not go right down to 1 foot/1 inch... Assuming this view point
one could build a 'house' the size of a table in Alpha Prime (just an example) and a whole
township on a 10x10 lot... Just a thot'...

It obviously hinges on just how small the objects could be in the Alpha Universe... Maybe
someone from COF could comment on whether this is worth checking out... (and to assist those
very busy folks at COF)

[ ] Yes it is possible... go for it
[ ] We have no idea... check it out yourself
[ ] No it won't work for reasons that are much too technical for mere Citizens to comprehend
(error message 475)
[ ] Yes, it is possible but we'r not gonna let you'al do it... just because...

[View Quote] > In one world, I experimented by shrinking everything by 1/4. Worked pretty well, except
> that now 1 click=2m... made building a PITA for tight things ;-) But if you want to get a
> childs-eye-view, try wearing birde :-)
> grover
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