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Re: Building Restiction Box needed // Wishlist

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tyrell - alpha prime

Sep 23, 1998, 12:38am
I'm surprised that no one has suggested lowering the 'view point' by 1/2 or even
2/3s... It's a given that a 'babies' view of the world is it's much larger then it is
for a grownup... AND if there were no 'grownup Avatars' to contradict this viewpoint
then infact one's world would be expanded (would it not)...

Has anyone played around with lowering the level at which we see... (I know it was done
by COF (Worlds?) at least once)... Obviously a smaller Avatar would be needed too or
we'd be doing 'The Land of the Giants'. (which is another idea... two or three complete
sets/sizes of avatars... (I read a book once where a complete Universe was housed in a
box... think of the possibilities (how small could an Avatar be and still 'work' as
they do now...)). Now wee Susie can actually have her very own anatomically correct
(Avatar) doll...). Then start reworking the objects to 1/2 size. altho' most building
blocks could(?) remain the same... only the personal items and 'living things' would
have to be redone... (chairs, beer mugs, toilets, trees, bushes etc)

Of course it could be just as interesting 'lifting' the viewpoint to one where only one
building would fill the whole world... BUT with custom objects what a building it could

Anyway... As I'v still not been able to find the time to work on my world I thot' I'd
throw these ideas into the hat... There may actually be something that would prohibit
doing this... (aside from COF's predetermined default (it has to be 'something')) but
it may be interesting to play around with (assuming one has this option as a world
owner... if not maybe it could be on the Wish List... instead of buying a larger world
one could opt for smaller Avatars...)

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