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Volunteers of security // Wishlist

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Sep 19, 1998, 12:52pm
~Volunteers of security ~
The net is fun, the net is wide, the net is growing, the net is crowded
of security problems ... I think that a -secure place- nowadays should
be the most requested

In AW there are different ways of showing your virtual name and so your
virtual ID
Tourists="plain writing"
Citizens="bold writing"
Pubblic Speakers="bolder writing"
COF="very bold writing"

A tourist can be complitely anonymous, loging in from an internet caf
A citizen can have given the server only an Email or maybe his name,
address and all his personal informations.

A safe user should be a -traceble person- that's a virtual identity
well known by the server
An unsafe user should be an -untraceble or hardly traceble user- by the
server itself if not for his IP #

A sort of citizen rating could be introduced for those users that are
going to give the server all informations generally requested as to pay
with a credit card or as requested to open an ISP account, like: name,
address, tel. no., ......., pets, shoes size...joking:-)

This in order to show other users that there are safe citizens that do
care for those kind of problems, easily traceble persons by the server
itself, their virtual names could be something like : icey* or

So I think that many of us would be very interested in being able to
show other users that they' ve asked for a rating ..and maybe pay some
extra for that...I would ...wouldn't you?

I don't know if AW server will find this a reliable idea and if COF
would appreciate this option, but maybe if many of us are interested COF
will pay attention to this :-)

Thanks a lot for listening
and sorry if my English isn't so good
AW citizen

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