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Aug 17, 1998, 4:52am
Feel free to stop deleting my posts at ANY time, COF...I'll just keep posting over and over and over again...

Isn't it obvious what the problem is? COF. COF likes to lie and say things they can't make due on (at least anytime in the NEAR future anyway). The Better Business Bureau is waiting for your complaints...

Looks like it's time to put up the BBB complaint form sign near AW GZ again...get your act together, COF...

[View Quote] > well, as long as we move forward, we have hope, but with some accounts coming up for
> renewal soon, the ppl at COF might want to start living up to their sales pitch, or
> those that they can do, easier that others. Objects being easier than deleting than
> NAC places. they did give us new worlds, so that part they did live up to, even though
> the worlds had really bad object lists, and they too, have not been acted on to
> correct this problem.
> I would think, that with all the object creators out there, that COF would be flooded
> with things they can use, I cant help but wonder at what the problem could be, that we
> dont have any!!

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