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Jul 21, 1998, 12:23am
I agree
oh yeah.... and how big, in metres, is a cell?

[View Quote] > I think any limit on building would have to be in LAND AREA COVERED, not
> in objects. Some of the more prolific builders who have indeed built
> good things have probably crammed what they can into each area and so
> have not taken up too much actual space, but possibly used a lot of
> objects.
> I took the square root of Roland's 50,000 and got 223.61... meaning each
> user would get (if it was land cover alone, in H walks) rougly 2.23km
> of space. I know I have an (unused, unfortunately) area rougly 1km x
> .65m in AW, covered, as well as land cover for two towns (one 1km², the
> other approximately .5km x .4km, although that one is built in by others
> so it's probably not quite as bad.) And I have built other things too -
> I'm not a prolific builder, I would have said an 'average' builder, and
> that's probably pretty close to the limit as it is.
> If we all built structures on it - lets say a floor and 2 pieces of
> furniture or other such stuff, for each cell - that's 4 objects per
> cell, instead of just 1... cutting the amount of space dramatically. I
> wouldn't be surprised to hear there's 25,000 objects or something in
> 'big' projects like Mount Bob, for example.
> Cross-posting to wishlist cos it's a kinda wish... would do beta as well
> but it's not 'strictly' related to the beta, and I don't want my post
> deleted :)
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