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Jul 2, 1998, 1:35pm
Don't you think it's about time for COF to add a few more models/objects
to AlphaWorld right about now? It's been a year or two since their last
"biggie" update for models/objects. I know, I know, you are all saying,
"Get your own ! at #$in' world, ya cheapo'!" Well, worlds are very
expensive (and aren't getting cheaper anytime soon). At least they
should add SOME new objects to the default world (for citizens),
AlphaWorld, once or twice every two years. I found only eight objects
added that have 1998 as the date. Most of them COF did not add to the
registry and half of them are Z objects. Just answer this one question,
WHY can't COF add more objects? Is it because Worlds, Inc. was better
at COF at making objects and COF thinks there are enough? They KNOW
everyone wants to have as many objects available as they can, but why
don't they add them? Maybe they should get objects from willing users
wanting to donate their objects. There are a lot of talented people out
there. Are they putting out the other worlds (Atlantis, COFmeta, Mars,
Yellowstone, etc.) to "cloak" how many objects are available in
AlphaWorld? My wish is this: New objects in/to AlphaWorld once or
twice per year.



Jul 2, 1998, 4:37pm
Not sure if it's their reason, but adding more objects tends to increase the
cache space needed, and also slow performance since you will encounter a
larger variety of objects. Also, I have noticed that most of the objects in
Alpha World are much simpler and more efficient than most objects elsewhere.
Actually, I have a few object sets that I have designed specifically to work
with existing Alpha World object sets, and I could make more... If CoF
expresses an interest in them, I would be happy to send them what I have,
and make a few more simple objects if requested. At least then people could
build a room with a 45 degree angle in it without z-buffering. :·)


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