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Re: Rotating objects. // Wishlist

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Jun 24, 1998, 9:21pm
actually, the garbled it a bit, but I think I understand what you mean, hehe ;-)
The only problem is that pieces being to lose their geometry at higher angles.
Once you pass 45° it becomes terribly out-of-proportion; UV's get skewed, 3D
objects look blatantly wrong to the casual viewer, etc. (There is a need for
vertical scaling too, to put the object at an even 5 or 50cm interval.) And
again. we start to run into problems where it takes a human to figure out how to
scale it correctly to make it look good. And all this is very difficult to
retrofit to existing cache files :-( But your idea works great for retrofitting
existing objects! In fact, that's the same method I've used to make roller
coasters in the past ;-)


[View Quote] > *sees references to 45-90-45 triangles and shudders* If it wasn't in so
> much mumbo-jumbo it probably would :) reads a bit like one of Byte's
> run-on sentences :)
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