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Jun 24, 1998, 6:01pm
I am cross posting this reply to the wishlist newsgroup because it contains
something new that "could" revolutionize the idea of vertical rotation of

The idea of rotating around the X or Z axis has been talked about for quite
some time now. I don't know if it's being worked on, but I do know certain
complications that exist which could make it more difficult. Take for
example the fact that many objects were not intended to be viewed from
undernieth adn therefore have no texture mapping or incorrect texture
mapping on the bottom. Another example is the fact that most objects in
Active Worlds have been designed with their 3D center of rotation at the
bottom, so vertical rotation (or rotation "into" the Y axis) would naturally
happen around the object's base unless some fancy manipulation was done to
cause it to rotate around it's vertical center.

Anyway, the fact that you only mentioned a 90° rotation combined with the
mention of not needing to create "all kinds of objects" as a result of such
rotation brings to my mind an interesting idea which has to do with rotating
objects ither than 90° and still being able to make them fit into place.
Imagine a checkbox allowing the builder to specify that the object is to
maintain it's "original" base and top positions after any rotation that
leaves it with more than zero thickness in that direction. Now, imagine
that there were similar checkboxes for the other two dimensions. Think of
the possibilities. If you were to rotate a standard panel 45° with those
boxes checked, it would automatically be stretched to fit across the
diagonal formed by two such walls, or in other words, it's resultant X and Z
size each being the original dimensions divided by the square root of 2,
would be automatically multiplied by the square root of two because they
were not zero (and not too close to zero). Anyone besides me think this
makes any sense?


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