Sliding along walls (Wishlist)

Sliding along walls // Wishlist

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Jun 22, 1998, 11:17am
Have you ever noticed how annoying it is that whenever you get too close
to a wall, you just get stuck there. You can still turn away from the
wall, but wouldn't it be so nice to just be able to slide along that
wall? It would make climbing a narrow set of stairs much easier, or
walking through a narrow path between walls. That should be an easy
thing to fix with an update shouldn't it?



Jun 23, 1998, 4:32am
This has been mentioned before, and I think lots of us are hoping it's
already being worked on.... especially those of us with slow computers
because it's particularly annoying to have to turn around to get moving
again when it "looks" like you should be able to just walk forward, and
turning around takes a very long time.


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