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May 20, 1998, 2:07pm
True, but I still think that in addition to the name, it would be helpful to
have access to a list of keywords, even if that list have an extreme
limitation on the number of words and/or characters. For example, if may be
nice to be able to search for "sci-" and get a list of all worlds with a
keyword that starts with "sci" such as "science" or "sci-fi" within their
keyword list. Optionally, certain keywords could be automaticly generated
from attributes set in the world options, such as "build" if everyone can
build there who can enter, and "enter" for open worlds. The keywords
associated with a world would not be loaded by default, but rather would be
cached when they are first requested for a description or a search. The
Uniserver would only keep track of the date and time that the keyword list
for a world was last changed (as this information would be sent to it by the
world server when a change is made) and that way a single list of dates and
times would be able to tell the browser which worlds to reload the keywords
from before processing a search.


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