wishing for a users complaint/feedback NG (Wishlist)

wishing for a users complaint/feedback NG // Wishlist

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May 18, 1998, 5:19am
I wanted to add this to the wishlist NG, as it seems like a huge wish,
but one that is very easily accomplished. This is a psot i made to the
ciommunity NG, i responce to leftovers isp being banned, then reinstated

"looks liek they unbanned leftovers isp . . which is really good. . . it
brings up the point that i wanted to make. . . .. there is no longer
speech in these newsgroups, which i really bad . .. i DO understand the
for moderated newsgroups sometimes, btu still . . the way it's gone
sometimes really isnt the best, people end up jumping to conclusions
often, i will admit) because they *lack* full understanding of the
which you guys at COF omplicate even more by deleteing all the posts
everywhere tht *explain* to conclusion jumpers like myself exactly whats

on . ..

As i ahve been trying to say to people for a long time, this isnt COF
companies community, it is ALL of our community. .. i think perhaps, you
at COF, should set up a newsgroup for customer complaints,a nd designate
such. Even microcrap has a newsgroup where people can complain about
services. Dont you think it's better to KNOW the negative things peoplea
saying about you, instead of it all bein hidden, and then popping up
into a
crisis situation ?

my advice, create a customer/user complaints NG, then you wont have to
deleteing everyones relavent posts from this one."

Facter, for the Active Worlds community.

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