I found the idea interesting. (Wishlist)

I found the idea interesting. // Wishlist

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thierry nabeth

May 16, 1998, 8:03pm

I must say that the point you raised was interesting.
I indeed have personnaly some problem indentifying the world that are
The solution about the classification was not bad at all for me.
And it is better than not classification at all (for me of course).

Of course there are problems if a world belongs to several category.
Still, a world usually belong to a category more than other ones.
The problem is exactely the same in Object Oriented technology with inheritence.
There are not so much case when single inheritance can not be used, even if the solution is not
Yahoo had also the same problem with their classification: they use now direct acyclic graph, but
still rely very much on a hierarchy.

The idea advanced by TechnoZeus is also interesting but more difficult to implement.
5bye the way, it remind me what they try to set-up with a much larger extent with XML).

Thierry Nabeth

[View Quote] > Thank you, TechnoZeus. I appreciate you offering an alternative rather
> than just ripping my ideas to shreds. Instead of just finding faults
> like some people, you presented a suitable alternative that I can agree
> upon.
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