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May 15, 1998, 7:50pm

I dont know if this have been mentioned, but when flying around on high
altitude for different reasons, I wished there was a button to press once
named "down to ground" or something similar.


Björn Mitz

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May 18, 1998, 5:58am
How about this?... Add three buttons to the toolbar, e.i. [ + ], [ _ ],
[ - ]
which could be clicked to fly up, fly to ground level (or in that direction
until you bump something solid) to land your avatar, or fly down. This may
also solve the problem of how to fly without a numeric keypad, and how to
fly in the ActiveX version being worked on.


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raven shadow

May 18, 1998, 2:14pm
better yet why not have a new key board function ..
something like alt+<desired atlitude> and you go there

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