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Re: event sound -- switchable // Wishlist

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May 3, 1998, 5:05pm
Can't say weather or not sounds to notify you of such things as telegrams
would be "good" to have, but I can say that if it were made available, it
would be very good to have an option to turn it on or off, or better yet, to
be able to set it seperately as on or off for several different modes of
operation, each of which woud have it's own defaults based on expected
priorities for that mode.

For example:
There could be an "away" mode (toggle?) which would be based on the idea
that you can't see your screen, but MAY be able to hear your computer from
another room. There could be a "busy" mode which would be based on the idea
that you are working on something... possibly with one or more other
people... and do not want to have your work interrupted unnecessarily.
There could also be a "building" mode which would be designed to allow you
the most flexibility and control in examening and manipulating objects,
among other things. Another mode would be the "browsing" mode, which I
would think should be the default and have a balance between several other
modes. Then there could be the "exploring" mode which would be the optimal
mode for enjoying new discoveries in a completed world without being
"bothered" by as much technical information as in "building" mode... and of
course there would be "chat" mode which would be selected when a persion
mainly just wants to talk to people, and allow people to talk to them. This
would of course be no easy set of features to add, but if done as a general
named mode scheme, I think it should be reasonable for some future revision
of AW. That way, the only mode that would have to be defined right away is
the "browsing" mode (or "default" mode perhaps), and then others could be
created and saved. During the beta test phase for the release that would
have these modes added, new modes could be tested, and a set of usefull
modes (saved hardware independant configuration settings) would eventually
be decided on to be included as part of the new version of AW when it is


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