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May 2, 1998, 12:17am
Hi, thanks for your reply. When you start the Active Worlds browser and
there are several telegrams waiting for you it shouldn't be any sound for
it. Only after you have started the browser and then recieve new telegrams
the sound even should be activated. How about a simple short beep when a
telegram arrives? The rest I can answer since I dont know anything how it
works, sorry. But I'm not a programmer or has the knowledge how such things
work. Perhaps someone else in this ng can answer that.


Björn Mitz

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builderz skrev i meddelandet <354A7F92.7405A2D9 at>...
>Sounds good in theory, but there are a few problems with that. What if you
>start Active Worlds and get a ton of telegrams? The event sound will play
>several times and maybe even "cave-in" on the other event sounds playing.
>Also, when you are currently playing a sound, and then a telegram comes,
>the previous sound start again, or just no sound at all be in effect?
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