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May 1, 1998, 6:16pm
Great way of making a general object "library" I would think. Of course the
down side is that it would take a while before objects in the secondary path
would load... but if that's acceptable to the would owner, I would think
they should have that choice. One thing though... a password would be a
good idea, so that people don't start using other world's objects as their
secondary path without permission. Here's a suggestion for how that could
be done. Zip a file named "password.txt" so that it requires a password to
unzip it. The contents of the file are not important. Then when an object is
not found on the primary object path, the cache would be checked to see if
it had a record of the secondary path as being password verified... if so
the file would be looked for on the secondary path. If not, the file would be looked for in the main directory of the secondary
object path, and the secondary path password would be used to unzip it. If
successful, AW would then store a record in the cache that the secondary
path had been password verified.


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