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roland vilett

Apr 28, 1998, 6:29pm
I think that requiring an object to be specially tagged before it could be
located would defeat the purpose of a search engine. This would be like
requiring web sites to be specially tagged before search engines would pick
them up...most people wouldn't know or would forget to tag their sites, and
all those web search engines out there today would be next to useless. If
anything the opposite would make more sense: create a "nosearch" command or
something that specifically instructed the search engine not to index that
particular object, if for some reason the builder is concerned about it
being found by a search.

But anyway, on a more general note I think that if you have built something
in a public world you can't be concerned about people finding it, because
people will inevitable find it at some point, some way. If you really want
a private "secret hideaway" you would have to build it in a closed
world...and the search engine wouldn't go into closed worlds as I said


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