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Re: Faster Turning/Walking // Wishlist

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Apr 25, 1998, 8:42am
No, the slider sounds annoying. Anything that makes the user have to stop=
and adjust AW is just poor programming. Either do it right or don't do i=
t at all. Look at Tomb Raider...specifically Tomb Raider has dynam=
ic lighing (flickering, flares, etc), MULTIPLE light sources, collision d=
etection on "avatars" (Lara, enemy humans/animals) up the wazoo, bajillio=
ns of textures, multi-mixed stereo sound (with no pausing before playback=
, mind you), and Lara can even ride a boat and snowmobile. All this and t=
he frame rate is STILL better than AW. Now, granted, AW has to make calls=
to servers, checking avatar positions, etc, but still. TR2 has to have a=
bout as many polygons/verts, and probably many more textures, within visi=
bility as AW does...and it has explicit DirectX support (not just Direct3=
D) as well as specific acceleration patches for certain 3D chips. Smack a=
level editor and network gameplay and here comes another competitor to A=
W. I even suggested these things to Eidos (partial
creators of the TR series). I'd much rather be in the TR environment than=
AW if it went this route. AW could learn a lot from the TR series, too.

[View Quote] > Well, personally, I think the high-speed panning feature is nice... if =
> can use it. Of course, if the D3D driver doesn't support it, you're k=
> of out of luck there. Do you think the idea of a slider bar as I ment=
> earlier might help in your situation? Just a side thought here... suc=
h a
> slider bar could be included on a "movement control" dailog box of some=
> that could be alternately accessed by right clicking on the "mouse mode=
> button. (just a thought.)

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