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Re: multiple privilege accounts screen // Wishlist

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Apr 25, 1998, 6:17am
I like this idea also. As it is, I avoid using acquired privialges for
several reasons, but one of the big reasons is that I simply have too many
people that would like to have me acquire their privilages and there is no
convenient way to switch between them. With pop down list, or a menu
flyout or something of that nature, it could be made much more convenient
and the only time you would have to re-enter the privilage password
(provided it saved them all) is when a person changes their privilage


Princess Tia <Princess_tia at> wrote in article
<35403ac1.0 at sundev>...
> hi all,
> would be nice if we could have a screen for privilege accounts, enter
> that info. in there once, then have the ability to view the various
> accts. and just click which account we need to access at the moment..
> Princess Tia

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