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Apr 24, 1998, 11:22pm
They wouldn't need specific action statements like "create tag <name>" to accomplish this. A "simple" scan of the world database files could do it. However, considering AW's database is at least a gig, and is practically constantly being accessed (except for 5 minutes around 3am everyday, I believe), I don't think this would be possible except, unless, the search was performed on the backup database. This would then raise the potentiality for corruption of the backup in case the power went out, say, when performing a search. The alternative is to make a backup of the backup, and do the search on one, while keeping the REAL backup safe. But would that mean AW would be "down" for 10 minutes around 3am everyday or could the other backup be made some other way? Roland'd know.

But it wouldn't need to suck up more object data just to "tag" everything when everything's already "tagged".

[View Quote] > OK well best I clarify then. What I would like is a way to say "create tag
> Jdal" or something like that in the action window then as part of the AW
> program have a search feature that would hunt down "tags" (its becoming a
> pretty common feature in CAD programs)
> So for example, a lightning bolt wipes my drive some evening. OH NO I have
> no idea where that big plot of land I was saving for my porno park is
> (( BUT WAIT.... all I have to do is go to the AW search page (or whatever)
> I type in Porno park and VOILA the co-ords for everything with a "create tag
> porno_park" attached magically appear the genius programmers of AW have
> saved the day with this thoughtful inclusion to AW2010.
> Well I realize it may have a few problems but you get the idea. really I
> would just like to find a way to search out places by type, builder, name,
> whatever

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