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Apr 24, 1998, 9:25pm
OK well best I clarify then. What I would like is a way to say "create tag
Jdal" or something like that in the action window then as part of the AW
program have a search feature that would hunt down "tags" (its becoming a
pretty common feature in CAD programs)

So for example, a lightning bolt wipes my drive some evening. OH NO I have
no idea where that big plot of land I was saving for my porno park is
(( BUT WAIT.... all I have to do is go to the AW search page (or whatever)
I type in Porno park and VOILA the co-ords for everything with a "create tag
porno_park" attached magically appear the genius programmers of AW have
saved the day with this thoughtful inclusion to AW2010.

Well I realize it may have a few problems but you get the idea. really I
would just like to find a way to search out places by type, builder, name,

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