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Sep 19, 2005, 9:24am
Hello All,

Something that has been bugging me recently is that there is a limit
to how many citizen numbers you can add to your individual world

The thing with my world is that it is going to be a building world,
where only people given build rights will be permitted to do so.

Now, the idea I have is simple.

Basically there are different text files (databases) for all the
different rights a person may have (PS, Eject, ED, Build etc) with
their citizen numbers.

ps.txt may look like:

And the other files (eject.txt build.txt) look similar.

What the script will then do is when someone enters the world it will
grab their citizen number and search the databases for any rights they
have been given. If it finds a match, the bot will automatically add
them to the world rights.

When they leave the world, the bot will automatically remove the
rights it gave, or search through the databases again and remove any
citizen numbers in world rights that aren't suppose to be there.

Simple enough idea, but will anyone be able to write this Xelagot
script up for me to use in DreamCty world?

Thanks in advance all!

Best Regards,
Anduin (317281)

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