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Sep 14, 1998, 9:59am

I am trying to have an objects database within the bot program to make him
follow routes and paths, instead of running into walls and other objects.

I guess I have to use aw_query someway and then wait for the server to send
me the information, but I don't get it clear from the docs how the procedure
must be implemented.

Has anybody tried something like this? If anyone has used aw_query and has
got any results, can you tell how you did it?

I think forcing the bots to walk among the objects and not over them is a
primary concern. My first idea is making up a database or importing it, but
if you have other suggestions they will be welcome.

thank you


roland vilett

Sep 14, 1998, 5:56pm
Yes using aw_query() is somewhat complicated because the underlying protocol
for querying and changing property is complex, and right now the SDK pretty
much only provides a direct API to the underlying protocol.

I plan to have a sample program up soon on the SDK sample application page
that illustrates how to use aw_query() to carry out some simple property


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Sep 15, 1998, 5:38am
Thank you Roland

I'll be looking forward to take a look at that example.


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