ChatRelayBot 3.0 Build 115 (Bots)

ChatRelayBot 3.0 Build 115 // Bots

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tony m

Apr 15, 2004, 12:52am

Build 115
1. New public commands to view forbidden aliases and word censor list.
2. Instance profiles may now be added and deleted without requiring a program restart.
3. It is now possible to rename instance profiles.
4. Name of login owner is now shown in /status command. Note that you must have updated versions of the language files to see this change.
5. New feature to block URLs in chat text.
6. The whisper command will no longer be available to tourists if the world option "Allow tourist whispers" is disabled.
7. New option to use the word "<censored>" in place of censored words.
8. When disabling the "/alias" command while a CRB instance is active, all user aliases will be reset. Users entering the world will also have their alias reset if they set it before the command was disabled.
9. New option to have PS bold off by default.

*** PLEASE NOTE: If you upgrade through the Upgrade Utility, you must install the latest language pack: ***

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