ChatRelayBot 3.0 build 114 (Bots)

ChatRelayBot 3.0 build 114 // Bots

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tony m

Apr 8, 2004, 12:50am


1. New security option to limit user entry/exit messages only to people with Eject rights, and to allow/disallow use of whisper command /w.
2. Updated for Active Worlds® SDK build 37 (3.5 beta).
3. Enhanced disconnection handling: if only disconnected from the world, the CRB will not exit the universe. It will now only exit the universe when it loses the universe connection.
4. /away command now returns error when no parameters are passed while not set away.
5. A new /back command is now alias to passing no parameters to /away.


Apr 8, 2004, 4:27am
Keep up the good work, Tony! :)


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