ChatRelayBot 2.1-RC1, Build 88 (Bots)

ChatRelayBot 2.1-RC1, Build 88 // Bots

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tony m

Nov 9, 2003, 6:48pm

ChatRelayBot 2.1, Build 88

Release Candidate #1

ChatRelayBot 2.1 has entered release-candidate phase. If no further issues are raised with this build by Sunday November 16 2003, it will be released as the final production-quality build.

Note that this release candidate may still contain bugs, and should be treated as beta-quality until the production release.

Bug Fixes

1. For multi-universe profiles, the CRB would attempt to use the same universe login information from the last profile for all instances. (Thanks, CodeWarrior)
2. Fixed spurious crash issue if License.rtf is missing.
3. If you said "No" or "Cancel" to the restart prompt, the CRB would attempt to restart anyway.


1. Startup/shutdown logging messages are more clear.
2. The avatar list now clears when the CRB is stopped.


Nov 9, 2003, 7:07pm
What's a robut?

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