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if statement help..... // Sdk

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pc wizard

Sep 12, 1998, 11:36pm
Hello, I'm kinda a newbie to actually using VC++ so I was wondering if
somebody could help me with an if statement problem I'm having with the SDK.
What I'm trying to do is when somebody enters (which executes teh avatar_add
part) the bot will check the citizens name or number (I can't figure out how
to get either to work...) and if it is a certian one (like PC Wizard or
104065) then it will say a certian message, else it says the regular one
that will be used for everyone else.

Also: I can't seem to get the aw_world_eject to work right (to get the bot
to eject someone when they say something). When I use the example from the
website on the aw_world_eject I get errors on the line:
if (strstr (aw_string (AW_CHAT_MESSAGE), BAD_WORD)) {
saying that strstr is an undeclared identifier and
BAD_WORD is also an undeclared identifier.... what am I supposed to do? I
copied it straight from the example (as I said, I'm new to VC++) I tried
taking out the (strstr and one of the ')' from the end and then changing
BAD_WORD to "bad word", It compiled w/o errors then, and I though with the
"" it would make it look for that exact word, but now it ejects somebody
when they say anything... That's not allways a good thing for a bot to do

PC Wizard (ICQ-537376)
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edward sumerfield

Sep 13, 1998, 2:58am
You say that "strstr" is reported as an unidentified identifier. That means
that is is not regarding it as a function. You should really be getting a
linker error here but if this was true then you wouldn't be able to run the
program so I must have missunder stood.

Its hard to say without seeing the code but you want to be looking at
something like this.

#define BAD_WORD "shit"
if (strstr(aw_string (AW_CHAT_MESSAGE), BAD_WORD)) {

found a bad word
else {

didn't find a bad word

The quotes around the word are important because it will result in being a
pointer to a string which is what the strstr function wants. The function
call to aw_string is already returning a string pointer so that is fine.

You can also write the if as follows

if (NULL != strstr( aw_string(AW_CHAT_MESSAGE), BAD_WORD)) {

Some people believe it is easier to read when you specify the actual return

Edward Sumerfield, esumerfd at

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roland vilett

Sep 13, 1998, 6:17pm
I can't say for sure without seeing your code but I'd guess that if the
compiler doesn't like the strstr call it's because you need to include the
string.h header file, like this:

#include <string.h>

If you are brand new to C or C++ programming, I strongly recommend either
taking an introductory programming class or buying a teach-yourself-C kind
of book. It's certainly possible to figure it all out on your own, but I
think most people will have much better luck getting up to speed on C by
following some kind of structured tutorial, especially if you are new to
programming in general.

I should mention that the snippets of sample code spread throughout the API
docs are generally not intended to compile on their own. They are there
simply to illustrate in as few lines as possible how a certain method or
concept is used. The only place where you will find sample code that is
complete and compilable without modification is in the separate sample
program section.

By the way, one thing to remember while playing with the aw_world_eject()
method is that eject works by IP address. So if you try to test your bot by
running it on your PC and then going in and swearing at it, it will not only
eject you but it will eject itself as well. :)


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pc wizard

Sep 13, 1998, 8:10pm
Thanks that let it comile w/o errors... now to test it...

I know about the IP part (of the ejection), thats why I have it set to eject
for only 30 seconds, plus the place I'm testing it in I have caretaker so
the eject doesn't work, but I can tell when it tries to eject cause I made
it say "ejecting" when it does that and it writes it in the world (I'm
hosting the world) that someone tried to eject and in the bot window... Oh,
and usually I ask somebody to help test it that gets on my nerves sometimes

I'm not trying to learn C/C++ by myself right now :) just sorta get a little
understanding on it (basicly for the sdk right now) next year in school I'm
taking a programming class which is in C.

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