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ChatRelayBot 2.1-BETA (build 84) // Bots

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tony m

Sep 14, 2003, 11:53pm
[ Three bots in one weekend; that's an interesting accomplishment. :) ]

ChatRelayBot 2.1, Build 84

Beta Notice

This version of the ChatRelayBot is beta software. There are still issues that may come up in the beta version that could cause possible loss of program-related data, and affect the stability of either your system or the program. If you do not wish to test beta-quality and potentially unstable software, you should wait until this version of the ChatRelayBot has been officially released as production-quality software.

New Features/Enhancements

The following features/enhancements have been introduced in this build:

1. The tabs in the Configuration Dialog have been removed. There is now a list box on the left side of the dialog.
2. The ChatRelayBot no longer depends on the presence of bone.dll for operation; if the DLL is missing, the Bone functionality will simply not be available.
3. It is now possible to have multiple instances of a ChatRelayBot in several different worlds and universes within a single application.
* WARNING: This feature has caused some regressions in the usability of the CRB. Due to the complexity of managing multiple instances within a single application, some functions from version 2.0 are no longer available in 2.1.
4. The channel number of a speaker now appears in the GUI's chat history, as well as the world they spoke from.
5. The Event Viewer now contains a navigation bar (First, Previous, Next, Last).
6. The ChatRelayBot will no longer process text that begins with / as a command if it is less than 2 characters in length.
7. The main GUI has been completely overhauled
* The control buttons ("Start", "Stop", ...) have been moved to a toolbar.
* The HTML viewer for chat history has been replaced with a richedit control.
* Added a menu.
* A Restart function is now available.
8. The User Information Dialog will now give rights to bots.
9. The ChatRelayBot no longer logs when it loads/saves its settings and when it receives world attributes.
10. The ChatRelayBot now allows you to mute the text of others in-world, just like the browser's mute function.
11. Bots will no longer receive a console message from the ChatRelayBot when users are chatting in the Hide Chat relay mode.
12. The user list storage has been revised, and should improve performance.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been resolved in this build:

1. Chat received from Bone users will now be written to the ChatRelayBot's log.


Sep 15, 2003, 7:05pm
Great Website & Documentation :)
Looks like somebody has been busy.
Feedback: I would put the current first.
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tony m

Sep 15, 2003, 8:29pm
The other two bots would likely not have been released if there wasn't a request for such functions; I consider them "finished", as they do what they're expected to quite well. CRB will continue to receive foremost attention among my AW bots :)

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