Build 5 now available (Sdk)

Build 5 now available // Sdk

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roland vilett

Sep 11, 1998, 11:48pm
Build 5 of the SDK available is now available. You can download it from the
usual place:

Build 5 addresses a problem that many people were running into. The problem
is that in order to conserve bandwidth, the world server only sends the name
of a user to the client once, when their avatar first appears in the scene.
Thus, the attribute AW_AVATAR_NAME was only valid during the
AW_EVENT_AVATAR_ADD event. Most people were assuming that AW_AVATAR_NAME
was also valid during AW_EVENT_AVATAR_DELETE and other events, when in fact
it was not. It was up to the programmer to remember the name that was sent
as part of the AVATAR_ADD event, and use the session id number in subsequent
events in order to look up the name.

Enough people were running into this problem that I went ahead and added
code to the SDK to remember the name and look it up for you automatically.
So with build 5 the AW_AVATAR_NAME attribute should now properly be defined

Hope that helps!


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