ChatRelayBot 2.0 Build 75 (Release Candidate #2) (Bots)

ChatRelayBot 2.0 Build 75 (Release Candidate #2) // Bots

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tony m

May 20, 2003, 3:46am
[ Sorry if you guys missed Build 74; that announcement was posted on the ImaBot Forums (, and I'll continue to make them there and here as well. ]

Build 75 (RC2) of the ChatRelayBot is now available.

To review what's new in this build, visit:

Download as usual from:

Note that the upgrade.exe which is 334KB is unable to overwrite relay.exe. If you are stuck with the 334KB upgrade.exe, you should download the corrected version from and overwrite the existing 334KB upgrade.exe. Another option is to uninstall your current build, and then download the build 75 installer (this is recommended for builds earlier than 74).

Tony M.

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