More beta testers needed (Bots)

More beta testers needed // Bots

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Dec 28, 2002, 12:07pm
Right now, I'm looking for some more people who are interested in beta
testing the Demeter terrain editor. Several new versions have been put out
in the past few days, so additional help would be great in helping to work
out the bugs. For the past month, I had kept this beta program low-key, but
there aren't enough posts to eliminate all the bugs from the release
programs, since there isn't a wide enough range of world configurations
available to the current testers.

If you're interested, please visit
for more details. There's a newsgroup (news://
for posting bug reports, as well as links to download all of the beta
software being tested (including Demeter).

I'd really like to continue making these program better, so please consider


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