Console Message URL detection is not properly implemented... (Bots)

Console Message URL detection is not properly implemented... // Bots

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Nov 29, 2002, 4:38am
Here's an example I found while testing Ultra BOT 2.0...

Ignore the URL, it's just a demonstration;

First, I tried simple URLs, such as,,
etc... They both worked, then I came unto this little devil of an URL:

"Check out :)"

This message works fine in whispers and plain broadcasts, however, the
console message code fails to recognize it as an URL. Which is intriguing,
as it seems console messages aren't being processed the same way as normal
text. There is some degree of URL detection present, but it doesn't appear
to be fully / properly implemented.

This is probably pretty trivial to correct, as I've identified the problem
for you already :)

- Andon13


Nov 29, 2002, 11:44am
Why not send an E-Mail to devteam at Young Shamus might not
be reading this newsgroup and this important post would be missed :)


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