More AW beta testers needed! (Bots)

More AW beta testers needed! // Bots

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Sep 3, 2002, 6:48pm
We will be expanding the beta user base next week. If you would like to join
the beta program for version 3.4 of the AW software please send an email to
bill at with the subject line "I wanna be in the beta!" along
with the following information.

1. Citizen number.

2. System specs. (OS, CPU Speed, Memory, Video Card, Sound Card, Connection
speed, Ect.)

3. Names of other software you have beta tested.

4. Any other qualifications that you think would help you to be a good beta

Please note that although I might not reply to all beta applications I will
read and consider all of them. By sending in an application you may be added
to the beta program without any notice. (In other words the next time you
login you may
be prompted to upgrade). Please be aware that this IS beta software and it
WILL have bugs. If you do not wish to be an active beta tester by posting
beta reports to the beta newsgroup ONLY and are not
willing to put up with bugs, numerous upgrades and possible loss of data DO
NOT send in an application.

Thank you

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