awjni with events and aw_query callback (Sdk)

awjni with events and aw_query callback // Sdk

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Nov 17, 1998, 5:32pm
I've put another version of the Java api for use with Cygnus and jdk 1.2 (sun jvm)
up on our web page <>

I would show you how to use it; but, the clause from the SDK license agreement prevents
BETA LIMITATIONS. The Active Worlds SDK is currently Beta Software and
is provided as is for the purposes of evaluation and testing only. By
downloading the beta version of the SDK, you agree to not distribute
the SDK, nor any applications based on the SDK, to any person for any
reason. COF does not to commit to ending the beta testing period by...

Anyway, rest assured that it works.

I only implemented the aw_query callback. When I get time, I'll put
in the rest (or if somebody else wants to, great) later. Also, I changed
the event_set name from AWevent_set to AWeventSet and AWint_get to
AWint. I did it for really stupid reasons; so don't ask. [grin]

It works with build 9. Roland, did I miss any comments you may have
made about adding the login_email enum type element? Is there a
standard "release notes" place one goes to check for interface changes
to the SDK?

Can't think of anything else.
glen e. p. ropella =><= Hail Eris!
the swarm corporation W:(505) 995-0818
<gepr at> H:(505) 424-0448

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