Release version of sdk ? (Sdk)

Release version of sdk ? // Sdk

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Nov 16, 1998, 5:28pm

I just would like to know if we already know about a possible realease date
for the sdk, and its price ?

thank you

roland vilett

Nov 17, 1998, 12:23am
The SDK will be released (i.e. as a non-beta) concurrently with version 2.1
of Active Worlds. I can't say when exactly this will be (because I don't
know) but it is on the order of a couple of months from now.

There are currently no plans to charge for usage of the SDK. I can't
guarantee that this won't change at some time in the future (not my
decision) but again, for the foreseeable future, usage of the SDK will be
available to Active Worlds citizens free of charge.


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