Firewall/Proxy testers wanted (Bots)

Firewall/Proxy testers wanted // Bots

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facter facter@awsupport

Jul 12, 2001, 7:11pm
We are currently seeking people to help test and develop the proxy/firewall
version of our browser.

In order to qualify for testing, you must be behind or use an internet
proxy/firewall of some kind, and be adept at internet technology. We want
people that are willing to provide us with the necessary information that
will help us debug any potential problems.

It also requires knowledge of the exact type of firewall/proxy that you are
behind, as this is crucial in our testing.

Any interested applicants please send details to me at
fletch at with the subject title of Firewall Testing.

Fletcher Anderson
Active Worlds Support
fletch at

Fletcher Anderson
Active Worlds Support
support at


Jul 12, 2001, 8:26pm
I would probably help testing it. I'm on a router right now with a
firewall/proxy. But it's only temporily, so I'll be on hubs in a week or so.

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