After Avatar Exit Events (Bots)

After Avatar Exit Events // Bots

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May 11, 2001, 6:23pm
To: All Avid Users of AW,
Now (Comment directed towards the arrogent markaveli) That I have read the
OFFICIAL AW C++ sdk pages, & figured out how to create commands that execute
upon the exit of a user, how do you remove the name of the avatar that left
from a list box?? I have made my K bot (Self-Made) beep & add the new avatar
name to a listbox. But how do you remove the name from the listbox upon
avatar departure? I have tried List1.RemoveItem sdk.AwAvatarName , but all
that I recieve is an overflow error. Please assist me,..

Desperate Programmer,
Barbarossa 315942

P.S. (Post Scriptum/After Writing) I have been an AW citizen ever since Nov
'99. WHo's the newbie now, markaveli? After all, you did say that you missed
a year of aw!


May 13, 2001, 1:23am
easy, just do this

for i = 0 to list1.listcount - 1
if list1.list(i) = sdk.AwAvatarName then list1.removeitem i: exit for

the List1.RemoveItem function deals with where an item is, not the item.

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